Attention 2022 La Crosse and Rockford Competitors

Attention Competitors!

Here is your guide for the 2022 La Crosse Oktoberfest weekend. Please note you will need to fill out a W9 and collect your pay directly from the track. Make sure you review the updates in rules for the Area Sportsman race. Those of you who planned to run both races may want to reach out to the track directly with questions. For those of you competing with Mid-Am, our rule set has not changed. We welcome all Area Sportsman willing to meet our weights and measurements.

There will be no new tires allotted for this event OR NSTC at Rockford. Any RACE-used tire will be permitted. If we determine that a competitor is using new tires (this includes practice scuffs) that competitor will start at the back a lap down.

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