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Dells Infractions

Infractions from 8/16/22

Andy Jirik

section 8.2.6 All shock absorbers will have a min of 2′′ inches of travel (compression and rebound) in mounted

position at all times.

Public statement from the Mid-Am Racing Series:

This was a tough penalty to asses. We hope Andy and his team will return to race with us again. As we continue to grow car count there is an opportunity on our end to improve the clarity of what we are looking for from area sportsman cars. We cannot stress enough that there needs to be a minimum unified set of rules. We also recognize there needs to be an improvement on how these situations are handled and pre-tech is handled on our end. We understand the frustration of Andy and team.

We would also like to stress the importance for all part-time drivers who have not raced with us before to utilize the race registration forms or contact us beforehand to help eliminate any confusion.

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