We wanted to give a big thank you to Intercomp Racing for their continued support of the Mid-Am Series! Professionals in the racing industry require sophisticated equipment that provides the most accurate measurements possible. Whether it is Intercomp's advanced RFX Wireless Weighing Technology scale systems, chassis set-up equipment, auto alignment devices, or test equipment, Intercomp is your premier source for the world’s most reliable wireless racecar scales and measurement devices.

Intercomp is the world's leading manufacturer of wireless racing scales and race car alignment tools, all of which are assembled in their US facility. Their RFX Wireless Weighing Technology is recognized to be the most reliable wireless racing scales on the market.

If you have specific questions regarding their wireless race car scales, auto alignment tools and test equipment contact Intercomp directly at, on FB (linked above), or call 763-476-2531.

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