Mid-Am Racing Series iRace Results

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Thanks to everyone who pitched in, raced and watched our first ever iRace. A lot of close battles and certainly a lot of fun! Congratulations to Blake Brown for picking up the win!

Final Results from the Drive us Through the Virus 100. Thanks to everyone who participated and watched. Big thanks to MDI Security, MDI Services, Affordable Security Alarms for putting on the race.

1. Blake Brown 2. Anthony Danta 3. Dale Lecus Jr. 4. Matt Clemens 5. Cody Clubb 6. Mark Schmieding 7. Brody Beyer 8. Richard Wilson 9. Chris Sontag 10. Cassandra Thompason 11. Cameron Preisler 12. Chad Smith 13. Nicholas Clements 14. Tim Scrogham 15. Tony Leis 16. Cameron Heil 17. Dan Janjanin 18. Scott Koerner 19. Josh Mueller 20. Jim Thorndike 21. Tony Leis

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