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Magnuson 44 Pre-Entry List

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Mid-Am has dedicated its first race of the year to John Magnuson Jr. We hope this race will make him proud!

Our Mayor of Mid-Am Chuck Yuris has again stepped up to the plate to ensure this 44 lap memorial race is $1,000 to win. We would like to again welcome Service Pallet LLC . For more than 40 years, Service Pallet, LLC has been manufacturing and distributing quality wooden pallets and containers throughout the Midwest. Today, with their ongoing quality improvement programs, competitive pricing and continued emphasis on customer service, Service Pallet, LLC continues to be a leader in the industry.

We owe a large thanks also to Wilkins Rebuilders Supply . Having their support is been vital as we continue to grow this series. Wilkins Rebuilders Supply is one of the Midwest’s largest truck wreckers; buying, selling, and trading medium to heavy truck parts. Founded in 1986 by Peter Wilkins, Wilkins Rebuilders Supply provides more than 30 years of experience and industry knowledge. A commitment to quality means that each part is fully inspected, tested, and verified by a team of qualified, knowledgeable industry experts. Centrally located just outside of Chicago, Wilkins Rebuilders Supply is able to cost-effectively ship anywhere in the world.

If this pre-entry list is any indication to the quality/caliber/car count of the rest of the year, race fans are in for a real treat!

Ron Vandermeir Jr.

Timmy Stewart

Andrew Meyerhoffer

Steve Blair

Bill Prietzel

Kenny Benson Jr.

Dale Lecus Jr.

Bobby Gutknecht

Vince Coper

Cody Clubb

Tim Schmidt

Clay Curts*

Jim Cormack

Greg Beebe

Josh Lundy

Tytus Helgestad

Cameron Vandermeir*

Tytus Helgestad

Rick Corso

John Ventrello

Mike Wienc

Cheryl Hryn

Andy Raley

Jason Kolbe*

Dan Calhoun

Tim Spatz*

Jim Thorson

Aaron Shelton

Jeff Wakeman

*indicates rookie