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  • Tim Scrogham

Remaining 2024 Season

Thank you to those teams and tracks who have stepped in to make the remainder of this season will happen. All races are intact and will continue as planned with an assist from racers, volunteers, and the great tracks we race at.

I am still searching for the right individual to pass the torch and continue this journey. The dedication required to finance and operate Mid-Am or any Series/Track is substantial. An endeavor like this is a labor of love. I appreciate all those who have shown interest in the series on various fronts.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to continue supporting and participating in the series and your local track. Your enthusiasm and dedication are what keep the spirit of Mid-Am alive. Whether you're a seasoned racer, a passionate fan, or someone new to the scene, your involvement makes a difference. Let's keep the momentum going and ensure that the legacy of this series endures for future generations to enjoy. Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, the road ahead is always open to new adventures and opportunities. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!


  1. I will pay out the points fund at the end of the year according to the Mid-Am rules.

  2. Mid-Am will not charge any race fees or collect any fees from the drivers for the remainder of the year. Some events may have a registration fee as they have in the past. The exception would be any infractions where a fine is warranted (fights or other nonsense). Those fines will be donated to a charity.

  3. I sent out a few Milwaukee checks and have one driver from Grundy that did not fill out tax paperwork and that check was sent as well. If you are owed anything please reach out to the email address below.

  4. You are likely going to be filling out tax paperwork at each track as they will be addressing the payouts going forward.

  5. Dirt Race Purse:

    1. 1st = $600

    2. 2nd = $500

    3. 3rd = $400

    4. 4th = $300

    5. 5th on = $200


Tim Scrogham

2024 Schedule
2024 Schedule

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