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Complete Rules Guide

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Mid-Am is committed to keeping the cost of our series reasonable.  We have adopted a principle throughout the entire rule book but based on policing the legality of shocks.  More information is available on the K.I.S.S. Principle by clicking the link.  

Mid-Am believes all shocks should meet the following criteria:

  1. Fits within the price cap of the rules guide

  2. Shock internals should function, cost, perform, and have a design like an off-the-shelf OEM-style stock shock.  

  3. Specific shocks are allowed; there will be 0 tolerance for shock internals from a non-legal brand/model.

How Mid-Am will tech shocks:

  1. The front of the car will be pushed down to the ground by Mid-Am Staff and held in place. Once released, the car will have 13 seconds to be at both a legal frame height and legal body height requirements with the driver in the car.

  2. Shocks may be impounded during or after any Event for dyno testing or disassembly to ensure compliance.

FIRM Mid-Am requirements of all shocks:

  1. All shock absorbers will have a min of 2″ inches of travel (compression and rebound) in the mounted position at all times and must have full compression and rebound when unmounted from the Car.

  2. Again, NO EXOTIC INTERNALS OR ELABORATE SHOCKS ALLOWED. All shocks should mirror the function and components of an off-the-shelf OEM-style stock shock.

  3. No Schrader valves nor method to charge with gas or bladder type valve allowed. IMCA valve approved

Penalties for exotic internals and/or elaborate shock setups(This applies to ANY car competing with Mid-Am):

  1. 13-month suspension from Mid-Am

  2. $1,000 fine to re-enter Mid-Am

  3. A press release with confiscated shocks containing an article on why they are detrimental.

Approved shocks for 2024

  • PRO SB Series

  • PRO TA Series

  • QA1 26,50, 51, 55, 5Q (5Q75-1) , and 70 series

  • Bilstein SG & SZ series

  • Carrera/AFCO 10,14,15,24 and 7400 series

Shocks and how we tech.

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