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Golden Sands Story

Updated: May 3, 2022

Sorry for the delay we are working in an area this week with limited cell coverage! Congratulations again to Kenny Benson for running a smart race and picking up the W. Ron Vandermeir has yet another strong showing to finish second and Bill Prietzel who won our last race finished third! After a long hiatus in the Mid-Am Racing Series Darrell Phillips scores a solid fourth place run. Fifth place goes to Rick Redig-Tackman who is finally getting rid of the bad luck gremlins that plagued the beginning of his season. Rounding out the top 10 are:

6th. Matt Raykowski 7th. Tim Stewart 8th. Sam Brundidge 9th. Andrew Meyerhofer 10th David Borntreger

With all of our triumphs we need to acknowledge when we do not get the call right as well.

For Kaleb Hurless we did not get the call right. We have privately tried to make things right and publicly we need everyone to know not only did we make a mistake but that offer our most sincere apology

That entire team approached us in the most calm and productive manner to discuss our disagreement and are a shining beacon of how issue resolution should be handled.

We hope we will see you again on the tour!

Thank you again to Golden Sands Speedway for hosting us! Cody and Shannon are some of the best people we have met yet! Thank you to our sponsors:

Joliet U Pull It

J Cuezzi Transport

Finish Line Flooring

Ronco Trailer Sales

R1 Graphix

Shelton Excavating

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