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  • Tim Scrogham


All Full-Time memberships will be refunded by the amount of races that are cancelled. The email address for any questions is It will be way easier to ask the source than speculate in a Facebook chat. For those part time racers who did not buy a membership there is no refund. I am working with a new owner and should have an announcement hopefully by the end of the week. We are also working with local tracks to complete the season at a minimum.

On a personal note. I apologize that my full-time job is getting in the way of your hobby. The emails, your posts, the chats. I see and hear what you are saying. I’m doing my best while working to facilitate a quick sale, as usual at my expense. We have an upcoming podcast when my day job is less busy where I will have PLENTY of specifics to discuss. Just know I am doing my best to transition this in a quick and efficient manner


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