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Happy Monday Mid-Am friends and family! With Thanksgiving coming up this week we wanted to give thanks and chat with one of the coolest, winningest, most diverse drivers in the series. Bill Prietzel who is man, myth, and legend finished 6th in points. This year he won our dirt race in Sycamore Speedway on his anniversary (YOU REALLY ARE THE BEST JAN) and skipped the last few races to go to his 51st high school reunion and take some time off. Also competing in some road course action at Blackhawk to finish off the season. We are extremely honored and fortunate to have Bill racing with us in the Wilkins Rebuilders Supply Mid-Am Racing Series

1. So how did the Franklin Flyer get started in racing? - Went to Plymouth Dirt Track as a kid. Carl Kulow lived around the corner from me. Always wanted to do it.

2. What is your most memorable moment in racing so far? - Way too many to pick one. Winning at Daytona and Milwaukee in the same month, turning laps in a cup car at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and then my Mid Am car at Milwaukee on the same day, competing in the Nationwide race at Road America, and so many more.

3. Who was your childhood hero? - Never had one in racing. In real life my dad. Taught me so much about work ethic and respect for people.

4. When drivers are standing around shooting the bull and telling racing stories, what is one of your favorite stories you like to tell or have heard told about someone else? - In almost 50 years of racing there are plenty. Did a lot of traveling down south in the early '80s. Always were told we talked “funny”. Then Sante Fe Speedway had an NDRA show and a bunch of southern drivers showed up. Pete Parker told them at the drivers' meeting that today they were the ones that sounded funny. Racing at Marshfield in a Mid Am race and was leading. Lyle Nowak was RIGHT behind me. I had my left side tires on the edge of the rumble strips and Jan says on the radio, inside. I said, what do you mean, I AM on the inside. I guess Lyle figured more rumble strips and dirt was the way to go. To this day, every time I see Lyle and Marcy we talk about those fun times.

5. What is your day job? - Owner, operator, peon, slave, sometimes mechanic, and repair person at our auto repair shop in West Allis, Wi.

6. Favorite driver to race against? - Nationally, Ken Schrader, Larry Moore, Jeff Purvis, Tony Stewart, Eric Caudell, Lee Arnold, Ricky Sanders. Locally, Whitey Harris, Mike Melius (who helped me in my early late model days), Pete Parker, Lyle Nowak, Roger Regeth, Jerry Blystone, Larry Richards

7. Favorite track to race at and why - Hales Corners will always be my favorite race track because that is where I started this endeavor. Over the years, Road America has become a personal favorite of both Jan and I for Road Racing along with Watkins Glen. Springfield Mile, Eldora, and Pennsboro were dirt track favorites to be at. Memphis, Nashville, Wisconsin Dells, Madison, and Slinger are some of the paved tracks that I have enjoyed over the years.

8. What is your #1 favorite/bucket list race/track? - Laguna Seca has been the one track I have wanted to waste tires and fuel at for over thirty years. Last year, Bristol dirt became another one

9. Why Mid-Am Racing? - When Gary Vercauteren started Mid Am it was a very reasonable way to race tracks in the Midwest and see lots of new race tracks. I enjoyed the travel with the series as it really was one big family. Through the years it really has been the stepping stone for many racers to improve and move on to higher levels of racing. I still believe it is the best series to learn multiple tracks and understand car control and chassis setup without a huge budget to work with. Next year I plan to compete again with the series for my 30th consecutive year.

Bill, I know you have had a lot of support along the way, is there anyone you would like to thank?

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