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More On Rick Redig-Tackman

A little Q&A on this Friday morning with Rick Redig-Tackman. Rookie contender for 2021with us in the Wilkins Rebuilders Supply Mid-Am Racing Series, dirt ace, and incredibly fast on a road course!

1. How did you get your start in racing? - I grew up with my dad racing Mid-Am and ARCA, I fell for racing from that. I started racing in 2009 with circle track Go-Karts at Beaver Dam Raceway and raced them for 3 years before moving to stock cars in 2015

2. What is your most memorable moment in racing so far? - Probably the opportunity I got to drive Ron Vandermeir Jr.s #3 car at Hawkeye Downs Speedway after I blew up. Being trusted by someone who barely knew me, to pilot their car to continue my points chase will always be memorable. This series shows that we're not just competitors, but family.

3. Who was your childhood hero? - Too many to list! My Dad, Jim Hurtubise, Paul Newman, Kenny Schrader to name a few.

4. When drivers are standing around shooting the bull and telling racing stories, what is one of your favorite stories you like to tell or have heard told about someone else? - I don't know if I have a favorite, I've heard so many stories over the years that are so good, or so funny.

5. What is your day job? - I'm a Welder/Fabricator. Basically, I sew metal together with lightning all day.

6. What TV show you are into right now? - The Man in the High Castle

7. Favorite driver to race against? - Andrew Meyerhofer, always fast and can race with him door-to-door and never touch.

8. Favorite track to race at and why - The Springfield Mile dirt. Just a different rush when you go down into turn 1 and hang it out against a guardrail at 100+mph

9. What is your #1 bucket list race or track? - The Winchester 400. No track, or race like it.

10. Why Mid-Am Racing? - My dad made his stock car racing debut in the Mid-Am series in 1995, so I grew up around the series. I've always liked the cars, how they looked, how they drive, and they're capable of being raced anywhere on any surface. Makes for a true drivers series.

Any sponsors you would like to thank? - I cannot thank these guys enough for all of their continued support.

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