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More on Rick Tackman Jr.

We talked to his son Rick Redig-Tackman and now today we are excited to talk to Rick Tackman Jr. this morning on his birthday! Rick has been in the sport for many years and has been a huge advocate for the Mid-Am Racing Series. Never short of an opinion, always willing to help, and recognizable with his trademark cowboy hat on race days!

1. Rick, how did you get your start in racing? - My grandfather raced a bit in the 50s at Hales Corners and Slinger. My dad raced from 1969-74 Sportsman and Late Models at Hales, Slinger, Cedarburg, and Wilmont. I started in Soapbox derby in 1981 and Karts in 1990 at Dousman.

2. What is your most memorable moment in racing so far? - Breaking my own track record at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, winning the dash, then starting last and winning a 100 lap feature on UAW night mid summer 2010.

3. Who was your childhood hero? - So many made a big influence on me, but Tom Reffner and A.J. Foyt are my heroes.

4. When drivers are standing around shooting the bull and telling racing stories, what is one of your favorite stories you like to tell or have heard told about someone else? - In the mid-70s my dad was crewing for Larry Nau at Madison, they were pitted next to Larry Detjens. Detjens broke a driveshaft in practice, having no spare, he sent a crew member into the parking lot. He came back with a driveshaft a little while later. After the race, my dad asked Detjens...Are you going to put the driveshaft back? Nope, we have to race the next 3 nights!

5. What is your day job? - I work for Waukesha Water Utility and do our Diggers Hotline (811) locating.

What TV show you are into right now? - -Young Sheldon

7. Favorite driver to race against? - I've raced against so many, but Lyle Nowak is probably my favorite. Clean racer, whether for the win or 10th.

8. What is your favorite race track to race at and why? - The Springfield Mile dirt! Nothing like hauling it in at 120 mph, rear-end hanging out, and left front fender a foot from the inside guardrail.

9. What is your #1 favorite/bucket list race/track? - Track WAS Daytona, got to take that off the list after testing there in 2020. Race...I want to run the Winchester 400 before I am 50!

10. Why Mid-Am Racing? - Simple, cost-effective car, that takes a little work to set up and is not the easiest to drive! But you learn so much, get to travel and race on any type of track or surface. And they look great!

Any sponsors or folks you would like to thank?

My wife Andrea Garage Force of Waukesha Wisconsin Weatherall Windows Renegade racecars and chassis

I have to personally thank Rick, Andrea, and Greg Beebe for letting my niece and nephew crawl around in the #98 at Milwaukee and giving them the best first race they could have ever attended.

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