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Rockford Infractions

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

infractions from 4/23/22

Kenneth Benson Jr and Team

section 2.3.5 "intentional damage" section 4.5 .3.1 "competition infractions" section 2 subset a, b, c, and d section 4.5 .3.1 "penalties assessed at Mid-Am's discretion section 3 subset a, c, d, e, f, g section 4.5. 3.4 Social Media Policy

As a result of the above infractions, the following penalties have been issued

Per 4.5. 3.3 subset 2 1. Disqualification from the event with no points and no pay 2. $500.00 fine 3. One calendar year suspension (the maximum within the Mid-Am rule set)

4. Section 3.0 POWAR Suspension Policy Mid-Am has notified the POWAR committee of the incidents that occurred.

Public statement from the Mid-Am Racing Series:

Discrimination and discriminatory comments are dehumanizing to everyone it touches. As a series, we will continue to have a 0 tolerance policy toward this behavior and evolve our policies to reflect this.

These penalties are reflective of the actions and words in the pit area during and after the race. As for the racing incident, we would like to clarify that the 19 had stopped being scored when this retaliation happened.

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