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Wisconsin International Raceway Results

Final feature results from WIR:

  1. Kenny Richards

  2. Ron Vandermeir Jr

  3. Rick Redig-Tackman

  4. Joshua Nelms

  5. Scott Gardner Jr

  6. Daniel Calhoun

  7. Tommy Moore

  8. Steve Blair

  9. Connor Kosowski

  10. Bobby Gash III

  11. Andrew Meyerhofer

  12. Jim Thorson

  13. Timmy Spatz

  14. Cameron Vandermeir

Mid-Am officials, teams, and the 2024 Competition Committee have met and assessed the contact between the 74 and 54 cars. After reviewing internal and external footage, Mid-Am will take no further action.

Mid-Am Racing Series with Tundra at WIR

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